vinkje-KLEINEvent and product launches.

To present your product in an art form, Dance!
Transform your concept or product into movement and visual art!
Choreographies in different styles of Dance.
Choreography for Cabaret style shows for Theatre and Casino’s. This “Paris” style cabaret are great to present in small, atmospheric theatres and in casino’s.

vinkje-KLEINCabaret presentations for events!

What we do:
Choreography for Fashionshows, choreographing the models on the catwalk.
Coaching models and children where necessary to have confidence and fun to walk a great show on the catwalk.
We’ve choreographies organised and booked many beautifull models for fashion shows such as: Lee Jeans, Wrangler, O’Neill Europe, Autobeurs Brussels, Euretco, Mexx, Intres, L’Oreal.
for artists and dancers

vinkje-KLEINChoreography for dance – troupes!

For singers who want to create a great club style show and perform with dancers on stage! We’ve created choreographies and club style shows for great artists such as: DJ Roy Gates, SNAP, Ewan Mack/”Camen” Boyband, DJ John Marks, Louisa Baegen “De Foetsies”, Puff Johnson, T-Spoon, Gordon, Rene Froger, Harold Verwoert “Dexx”, and Kim-Lian (2 Videoclips).

vinkje-KLEINChoreography for hotels and resorts

Perfect nights of entertainment for hotels and resorts around the world. Every night a different theme show.
We’ve created every night shows for: The Mehlia, Barcelo, The Westin (Nikki Beach), Las Palmas, Pelicanos, and Dreams Resort (Mexico).
Latin shows – Salsa!, Mambo!, Samba!, Merengue!
Streetdance!, Hip-Hop!, Breakdance!, Poppin’ ‘n Lockin’!
Cabaret!, Le Lido!, Fossy Style!, Showgirls!, ‘Moulin Rouge’ style!
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